Women United

Founded in 2002,
Women United has over 70,000
members internationally,
representing 165 communities
in six countries worldwide.

Women United has raised over $2 billion dollars since its inception. Women United is a network of vibrant, diverse female professionals who value the power of community, aspire to be part of something bigger than themselves, and believe in making smart investments personally, professionally, and philanthropically.

Experience the Power

For over a decade, the Power of Women to Make a Difference Award Luncheon has been home to one of the most dynamic and engaging female audiences in New York City. By bringing together some of our city’s most-influential people, the Luncheon celebrates the power that women to make changes in New York City and communities around the world.

United Way of New York City (UWNYC) has relationships with over 600 corporations across New York City and more than 40,000 individuals, half of whom are women. These talented women advocate, fundraise, and volunteer with UWNYC to improve the lives of New York City’s children and families–– setting them on the path to leading self-sufficient lives.

Our Women United members are dedicated to making a positive impact on the lives of struggling New Yorkers through an exclusive collaboration over 70,000 female thought leaders across the globe. To date, they have raised over $5 million for youth empowerment in New York City.

Empower Your Team

Be a part of this empowering network
by becoming a member or joining
us at the Luncheon.

Members gain access to impactful events focused on education, health, and financial stability, and showcase expertise through skills-based volunteer opportunities. Through Women United, you can both professionally and personally become a leader in your community.

Additionally, Women United members can engage employees outside of the workplace through affinity groups, complementing your company’s own corporate social responsibility committees. Together, we can offer you and your employees a comprehensive suite of engagement opportunities that not only empower and excite, but also make a measurable impact on our community.

Don’t miss this opportunity to join us as we celebrate the
17th year of this signature, must-attend NYC event.